Friday, January 21, 2022
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"My furrbaby is an 11+ year old Border Collie Mix.  She’s led a very active and “involved” life.  When she was a pup I had her in Flyball  and other physically strenuous activities.  Much to my despair, in the last couple of years she has started slowing down,; you can really tell the days that her arthritis is posing problems for her!

While I wasn’t sure of the difference it would make in her, I heard about TINASSY’S K-9 SPLASH-R-CISE from a friend.  I figured it couldn’t hurt; worst case scenario, give her a little extra exercise and a friend she could trust.  Well, it turned out to be much more than that!  In the first session alone, my shy, timid girl formed an unmistakable bond with Tara, the therapist, you could see in her eyes that something emotional was going on within her.  But the amazing thing, again just after the first water therapy session, I noticed immediately that her gate was looser and she was trotting around on our walk like she hasn’t done in a couple of years!

Then, the day after, she was laying in her old favorite position, directly on her back, feet propped up against a piece of furniture; she did this the entire day after her first water therapy session!  She was definitely more comfortable in her old aging body; I knew that I would be back for more sessions!  Thanks Shelley and Tara, for creating a fantastically soothing place to bring Mandy and loosen her up at the same time!  Your Water Therapy does wonders!!"

Angie Smith
Escondido, CA

"Kailey enjoyed her time in the pool with a very caring Tara. Tara spoke to her in a soft voice while massaging her back and legs. Soft relaxing music in the background. I wanted to get in the pool too. Kailey has never been in water like that. Only her baths which she does not like. But she enjoyed this and seemed to be relaxed and feel safe in Tara's arms. Good job Shelley and Tara. We will be back."

Jeanne Crosley and Kailey

"AMAZING is the word which comes to mind when I think of the progress Sparrow, my German Shepherd foster dog, has made in such a short amount of time. Sparrow is not quite a year old and endured way too much pain and suffering early in his life. By 10 months of age, he had spent so much time crated that he could not stand up straight and was in constant pain. To save him, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue raised funds to provide him with stem cell therapy in all four leg joints. While this innovative surgery has been enormously successful, we wanted to ensure Sparrow has the best chance for a healthy life and contacted Tinassy's.

I was so excited to learn this new facility is open in east county. It's wonderful inside - feels like going to a doggie spa - and the owners were so kind and patient at working through his initial fears. This is a dog that until he was rescued had never even been inside a home, much less had water therapy. After just four visits, Sparrow now goes in the water on his own and can swim over 30 minutes against full-on water jet currents. Best yet, when he gets out of the water he runs around like a wild puppy, filled with glee! I can't thank the two of you enough, Tara and Shelley, for the part you have played in helping Sparrow lead a strong, pain-free life. For more information on Sparrow, visit For the love of your dog, give Tinnassy's a try. "

All my best, Cheryl

"I have never met more caring canine souls than Shelley and Tara from Tinassy's K-9 Splash-R-Cise. Together they have created an extraordinary service for those of us needing water therapy for our beloved pets. Both are very knowledgeable in this alternative therapy and create a unique connection with the clientele. I am so thrilled to have discovered their business and appreciate every minute spent with them. "

Sherrie, Sattii and Jacques Jancasz

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