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Bull Influence

Bulls selected for use in our program are done so under a strict set of parameters in accordance to what traits we think a cow family may need strengthened. The bulls slected must be maternal based and have the ability to pass along these important characteristics. In this day and age of rising input cost we need bulls that will produce cattle that will decrease the amount of input needed and ensure a live calf that is born unassisted in the most desolate of conditions. Over the past few years we have added an added focus on low actual birth weight. This has been a succcessful injection and the cow base here has ensured that the cattle produced still have practical grow and power. The bulls listed in this section generally does not include all bulls being used, but is an accurate cross-section of our genetic philosophies.

  • 122l
  • 106Y Larson
  • el dorado
  • Professor Denver 2104
  • 88X
  • lambeau17Y-600x400
  • Professor FW 2014
  • TH 512X 719T PLAYMAKER 14Z
  • 9500
  • Attention on BW and Maternal